Top 5 safety baby magnetic cabinet locks

In this article, we talk about the best safety baby magnetic cabinet locks. We give you 5 popular brands that are considered among the best in magnetic cabinet locks. We also talk a bit about preparing the house for the baby’s arrival. 

Safety baby magnetic cabinet locks

Safety baby magnetic cabinet locks keep curious children away from drawers and cabinets full of dangerous tools or chemicals. By using them you prevent children from opening drawers, microwave, refrigerator, toilet seats, windows, etc. With quick and easy installation and no tools required, just stick to the desired surface.

The safety baby magnetic cabinet locks have a strong magnet to keep the cupboard/drawer locked, thus you keep your baby safe.

Usually, they have a push-buckle design. It is very easy for adults to manoeuvre and use, but enough where children and pets cannot. This design makes it very easy to use, just flip it over and click it. All parts of the item are fused by bonding by ultrasound. No matter how much you drawdown, the top two small pieces of the item will never fall off. You don’t need to worry that your kids will put the little button in their mouths.

The safety baby magnetic cabinet locks are made of healthy and environmentally friendly abs material and 100% non-toxic and odourless and there are no sharp edges and corners, which allow your baby and toddler to live a healthy and safe life!

Other types of child safety cabinet locks

Of course, if you can’t find the good stuff child safety cabinet latches in stock or you’re not convinced, there are always alternative options that many moms love!

Among these, we allow ourselves to recommend the following child safety cabinet latches:

  • The Wappa Baby Safety Cabinet Locks – are affordable, easy to find and install. The only disadvantage would be that the adhesive used could leave a residue.
  • Munchkin Xtraguard – works on the same principle as The Wappa Baby Safety Cabinet Locks, but they are a little more expensive and can be used for the refrigerator or toilet also.
  • Jambini Magnetic Cabinet Locks – Another discreet product, very easy to install and very safe. The only downside is that it can only be opened with a key. Of course, this type of cabinet lock would be ideal for the medicine drawer or another cabinet that you do not open very often. Just be careful where you put the key!
  • Kiscords Baby Safety Cabinet Locks – They only work on cabinets with handles and will leave absolutely no mark on your furniture, as they look practically like a string that blocks access to the cabinet. This is a great option for temporary babyproofing.

5 safety baby magnetic cabinet locks

A large number of magnetic door locks from various manufacturers are released every year. With that in mind, choosing the right option is not easy. You have to be very patient to compare all the available magnetic door locks and choose the best one. That’s why we offer you the list of the best magnetic door locks – use it to quickly find a suitable model.

Safety 1st safety baby magnetic cabinet locks

Offers safety and protection for children – Always keep your curious children away from drawers and cupboards full of dangerous tools or chemicals. A pack for use in the family – kit with 16 locks and 3 keys for use in the cabinet, closet, drawer, family closet, etc. 100% free replacement if there is a problem with the product received. 

It is invisible if you view them from the outside- the locks should be installed on the inside of the cabinet or drawer, be out of sight of children and guests, this makes your home look attractive while providing the perfect protection for children.

Strong Magnetic Keys and Locks – Can be operated sufficiently and strongly on any smooth surface, whose thickness is less than 30mm (1.18 inch). It is easy to install, it does not have the perforation – it is installed by the adhesive tape, you do not need to make the hole in your cabinet and this prevents the baby from doing the dangerous things.

Eco-Baby safety baby magnetic cabinet locks

Unique rotating buckle design. It is difficult for children to open, but easy for adults. Jzk 10 x Drawer Fridge Cupboard Cabinets Door Magnetic Lock Child/Baby/Dog/Cat Safety Lock, with adhesive. 

High-quality children safety lock, made of abs plastic and non-toxic. Prevent children from opening drawers, microwave, refrigerator, toilet seats, windows, etc., avoiding causing injury, damage or disposal of swallowed dangerous items, causing unnecessary damage.

Cosyland safety baby magnetic cabinet locks

Very powerful magnetic locks –  The lock will not damage the surface of the furniture. It can be mounted on different types of materials, such as metal, plastic, glass and wood with a smooth surface of less than 3cm (1.18 inches). 

Invisible from the outside – They are installed inside the closet or drawer, out of sight of children and guests, it does not affect the beauty of your home. At the same time, it guarantees the ideal protection of children.

Easy No-Drill Installation – With the adhesive tapes available with the zippers, you don’t need to use any tools or drill through the drawers/cabinets to complete the installation. 22 + 3 + 2, – the package includes 22 invisible magnetic locks for drawers and cabinets. 3 keys and 2 visible security locks for doors and windows, cabinet doors and furniture, drawers.

Protection for children and pets – Children and pets are more curious than adults, these closures can simply prevent your child or pet from opening drawers or cabinets to place objects and documents, even protecting them from dangerous things in the drawer.

Hualans safety baby magnetic cabinet locks

Installation in 3 minutes: extremely easy installation without tools, thanks to the powerful 3m adhesive. The kit includes everything you need to install the locks, including a clear, 3-step instruction booklet.

Guaranteed Quality – Don’t put your child’s safety at risk with substandard products. Our product is made with the highest quality magnets and incredibly durable materials. Everything is tested in the lab to validate strength and longevity, to ensure these locks cannot be opened and that you feel completely secure.

The best: The high-quality magnets used in our proprietary design are 3 times stronger than any other similar product on amazon, making them the ideal solution for all parents who want to stay safe at home and protect their children. Set includes 10 locks and 2 keys. 

Children go everywhere, but not where there are magnetic locks: you do not have to worry about your child handling dangerous objects such as knives or valuables. Close the furniture door of your choice with one of our magnetic locks and you will keep your child and your objects perfectly safe, as our product is guaranteed and tested in the laboratory.

Matana safety baby magnetic cabinet locks

Discreet and clean design: all the accessories of the protective closure are installed inside the closet, drawer, wardrobe, cabinet or drawer. The lock is discreetly hidden and there is no need to drill anything.

Total safety: protection for your babies, children. Protect your children from dangerous content. This magnetic lock prevents your children from accidentally picking up medicines or sharp objects or some other dangerous object. Your cabinets, drawers and wardrobes can only be opened with a magnetic key. 

Super easy installation: no tools are required to install this clasp; Simply stick all the accessories to the desired surface with the appropriate adhesive tape included. You can use them at home, office or wherever you want. 

Strong Magnet: Child Safety Magnetic Latch Type Lock – Operates through doors up to 3.6cm thick and offers quick opening and closing.

Child and baby-proof: Your child won’t be able to open this heavy-duty magnetic security lock.

Secure the house gradually as the baby grows

The parents must remove from the house any factor, object or style of arrangement that proves to be dangerous for the baby before the little one arrives home. After the arrival of the newborn, parents must continue to take care of their home and to ensure at all times that the home is an environment conducive to the development of their child. 

This ongoing task must not terrorize you; sanitation, organization and security of the home, regardless of whether or not very young children live inside, are beneficial manoeuvres for any person, not only for a couple of young parents.

The best advice is to approach things gradually and secure the house in stages, as the baby grows and according to the specific manifestations of each age. For the home to be a safe environment for your baby, you will need to take a few precautions before your little one gets home, such as:

  • replacing sockets with others protected by a cover,
  • vacuuming carpets, rugs,
  • complete cleaning of the floor of any blunt or non-blunt object that the baby may swallow (coins, buttons, needles, nails, etc.),
  • fastening the cables to the walls, so that the little one does not get in the way
  • removing sharp objects from circulating areas.

For the baby not to be injured at home, the parents must adopt the following measures:

  • installation of safety gates at the ends of each staircase;
  • removing plants from the ground – some specimens are poisonous, such as iris flowers or the Christmas Star (Poinsettia);
  • avoiding placing pieces of furniture near windows;
  • installation of intact door stops, without removable parts, which can cause the death of the child by suffocation;
  • embedding in the wall pieces of furniture, accessories, bulky books and other such objects so that the baby does not get hurt trying to move them from their place;
  • dryers, irons and other similar devices must be unplugged and removed from the child’s visual area.

Child protection measures are especially necessary in his bedroom, the place where the baby stays the longest. Remove toys, excessively soft and thick blankets, pillows from the crib; do not lie the newborn in an old crib that does not meet the safety standards in force. 

Do not place the baby’s crib by the window or allow it to play with older siblings’ toys (choose only toys recommended for newborns because they are much safer and usually designed to encourage natural reflex testing and harmonious development). 

Install blinds made of natural materials without wires or with camouflaged wires. If the toy box is in the baby’s room, choose a model without a cover instead of a covered one, to protect your child from other unwanted accidents.


In this article, we talk about the best safety baby magnetic cabinet locks. We give you 5 popular brands that are considered among the best in magnetic cabinet locks. We also talk a bit about preparing the house for the baby’s arrival. 

Safety baby magnetic cabinet locks keep curious children away from drawers and cabinets full of dangerous tools or chemicals. By using them you prevent children from opening drawers, microwave, refrigerator, toilet seats, windows, etc. With quick and easy installation and no tools required, just stick to the desired surface.

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FAQ on Safety baby magnetic cabinet locks

What are the best child proof cabinet locks?

The best child proof cabinet locks are the ones that will be easy to install, discreet and secure. For this, we recommend the following: Secure Home Baby Safety Locks; Jambini Magnetic Cabinet Locks; The Good Stuff Child Safety Cabinet Latches; Hurrise Magnetic Cabinet Lock; Eco-Baby Child Safety Magnetic Locks. 

How do you childproof a cabinet?

To childproof a cabinet, you first have to remove dangerous objects out of your child’s reach. You can use velcro or pull cord locks for the cabinet doors, or use cabinet latches that are available online.

How do you have childproof cabinets without handles?

To childproof cabinets, without handles, you have to use cabinet latches with adhesive. Peel off the adhesive, Stick the latch to the frame and hold for a few minutes. And that is it, you’re done!

How do you get adhesive off cabinets?

To remove adhesive off cabinets you can use a special detergent for removing sticky residues, or you can create your own with a few drops of liquid dish soap, 1 tablespoon of vinegar and 1/4 cup of water. 

How do I stop my child from opening my front door?

To stop your child from opening the front door you should instal a security door chain. This is the simplest method to secure the door. You have to be careful however, to instal the chain in a place high enough so that the child cannot reach it even while standing on a chair. 


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