Pregnancy Test No Lines (How to tell)

In this article we will see and discover the different kinds on how to know if you’re pregnant.

Pregnancy tests can be nerve racking, you always have a 50-50 chance of being correct. How accurate are these pregnancy tests and how you can rely on its telling the truth.

Pregnancy Test No Lines

If a pregnancy test has no lines, as in nothing changed, try another one. If there are no clear lines, or positive results, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not pregnant. It only means that there’s not enough human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), or the hormone for the maternal recognition of pregnancy produced by the cells which eventually becomes the placenta, to be detected by the result.

If you are very early on your pregnancy, the line or the double line on your pregnancy test will be very faint or just barely a hint of line. This happens within the first 6 weeks of pregnancy when the hormones are just starting to be produced by your body.

How do home pregnancy tests work?

Home pregnancy kits are popular and accurate if used properly. They are more sensitive to hormones hcG or the human Chorionic Gonadotropin which indicates pregnancy. When an egg is fertilized and attaches to the uterine wall, the maternal placenta begins to form and produces hCG. This hormone flows through your bloodstream and urine (that where the part of the pregnancy tests comes in).

As pregnancy goes further along, hCG levels rise rapidly and double every couple of days. At-home pregnancy kit measures the levels of hCG in your urine. Carefully read the instructions on the box or the fine print. These tests are fairly 99% accurate on the first day of the missed period. According to studies, you should wait for at least a week  after the missed period to test.

Also remember not to drink too much gallon of water prior to the test as this might dilute the level of hCG in your urine which could result in an error.  Ensure that the pregnancy test kit is not expired prior to use. 

Another tip in taking the test is to do it in the morning right when you wake up since this is the highest level of hCG will be. Catch the ‘midstream” sample for the most accurate result. This is basically peeing first, stop and catch the stream to your sample kit, and continue on with your business. Depending on the type of kit you might have, it may require you to pee directly unto it, or to a cup. Whichever is more comfortable for you is the best kit you should have. Having a good brand of kit can also help with the accuracy of the test. Pregnancy tests usually only take a minute or two, but it’s important to read the instructions on how to do it properly.

How to tell a positive line

A positive pregnancy will show up as a plus or a two distinct line in the test control window. Other results using different brands may also have the word “yes” or “pregnant” when they’re positive. This could probably be more handy and as such to avoid confusion of the false positive line.

What does a faint line look like?

Depending on the pregnancy test and the brand you use, it could be either a plus or minus sign, or a line or two in the window that shows the result.  The best way to understand the result is by reading the instructions. Yes, that special small paper or the box itself (voila), contains the way on how to read the result.

Parents so eager to find out the result of the pregnancy test can become really impatient and might not be able to read the result correctly.  Most wanted to check and recheck if their baby making efforts have paid off, hence the many and assorted pregnancy tests readily available for their use. 

A very faint line on the pregnancy test also means that successful implantation happened and you’re in the early stages of pregnancy. But this can be confirmed after a few weeks by a repeat home pregnancy test. If you’re a little farther along your pregnancy the lines will be sharpie clear.

How to tell a false positive line?

There’s a fifty percent chance that the faint line in the pregnancy test means a false positive one. If you get your period after the faint line, it is possible that you were not actually pregnant or were only briefly pregnant. This doesn’t mean that the pregnancy test malfunctioned.

You could have experienced what is called a chemical pregnancy or a very early and common pregnancy loss. It is also indicative of other kinds of pregnancy loss such as an ectopic pregnancy. As devastating as it is, the event has no impact on your future chance of getting pregnant.

The best way to test for pregnancy is to schedule with your OB/GYN to get a blood pregnancy test. This will confirm the pregnancy by checking for your hCG level in the blood. The doctor will also check for your overall health and give prescriptions for vitamins and additional instructions that you need to do.

Here are other reasons for the faint positive line on the pregnancy test but not pregnant:

  • Menopause. If a woman is on premenopause, she might miss her period and decides to take a pregnancy test. The result however, can be a false positive due an increase in another hormone called luteinizing hormone (lh) which can be abnormally elevated. 
  • Fertility meds and other medication.  False positives can also be a result of traces of fertility drugs or other medication containing hCG. If you are taking hCG injection as part of your fertility work ups, its level can be elevated and shows you are pregnant even if you’re not (yet).
  • Early pregnancy loss. As mentioned earlier, a false positive can be indicative of chemical pregnancy, ectopic, other kinds of early pregnancy loss.
  • Illness. In some rare occasions, cancers can interfere with hormonal production and result in false positive results in the tests.

How to tell a Negative line:

If the pregnancy test resulted in a negative line, it is shown usually with the negative sign or just one clear line on the window box. If the negative result is unexpected and you still do not have your period in a week’s time, it is best to retake the test. Perhaps using another one in a week or two.

It happens that a negative result might not be truly a negative test. It could be that it is too early to detect any changes in your hormone level or very early in the pregnancy. This is the reason why pregnancy tests kit recommends testing again so that your body has enough time to produce more hormones for the pregnancy to be detected.

If for another week and there’s still no period in sight, take another pregnancy test. If it’s a negative result again, there is a little chance that you are pregnant and might mean another issue in your reproductive system. It is best to consult with your doctor so you can be examined properly and find out why you are not menstruating.

Invalid Test:

An invalid test is when there is no pink line that appeared in the pregnancy test control window. Invalid results may be an indication that the procedure was not done properly. It could be that the absorbent tip was not thoroughly saturated or soaked in urine. If this is the case, you should urinate again in the tip or dip it for at least 5 seconds and wait for ten minutes for the result. 

If there is still no pink line at all, the test is invalid and testing should be done the next day using another test kit or brand. Follow the instructions exactly and make sure that the absorbent tip is thoroughly saturated with urine the next time. The test is not designed to be reused. The test kit can also be expired.


Pregnancy lines in the test kits might be misinterpreted due to several factors and circumstances during the testing time. A too excited woman can produce a faint positive if the testing is too early on the pregnancy, or a miscarriage already happened. 

In cases when the pregnancy test has no line, it could be that the testing kit is invalid or has expired already. Human error is to blame or pregnancy kit expiration.

If in doubt, best to do the pregnancy test and confirmation through the professional OB/GYN. 

FAQ’s on Pregnancy Test (How to tell a positive and negative line):

What if there are lines in the C and T, yet after a few minutes there were two faint lines?

It means the test is invalid. The test kit has been left in open air for a long time and the lines will appear due to exposure to air. This is because the test kit has an enzyme called “peroxidase” that is involved in oxidizing the colorless pre-dye molecules into something visible in the test window. There should be a time limit to do the test.

What happens when your pregnancy test comes out blank?

If the blank reading means no response, it only means something went wrong. The test is usually very specific and very accurate. It could be there is not enough sample to begin with, or the time allotted has not yet been met. 

What should I do if the test result is negative yet I suspect that I am pregnant?

It could be a miscalculation of a menstrual period. If your period does not come within a week, it is best to test again. If the result is still negative and your period has not yet started, you should see your doctor for further investigation.

The testing line is very light in color, am I pregnant?

Yes, you should assume that you are pregnant. The exact color or clarity of the line is not important.

What factors can give false positive results?

A positive result might be seen if you had a recent miscarriage or have given birth within the past 8 weeks since hCG might still be in your system. Another factor can be medications or drugs that may contain hCG. In rare cases, such as trophoblastic disease, Islet cell tumors, and some cancer cells also can give false positive results. Best to see your doctor for interpretation of your result.