How to take child lock off Samsung eco bubble washing machine?

How to take child lock off Samsung eco bubble washing machine?

To deactivate the Child Lock off Samsung eco bubble washing machine temporarily (for 1 minute), press the Spin and Temp buttons for 3 seconds (The Child Lock icon will flash)

To completely deactivate the Child Lock off Samsung eco bubble washing machine, press and hold the Spin and Temp buttons for 6 seconds and you will notice that the icon is not active on the panel.

Other methods that you can use are:

  • Press both theand + buttons for 3 seconds, or
  • Press both the Rinse and Temp buttons for 3 seconds.

If our instructions are not clear enough, please click here for a video that shows how to take child lock off Samsung eco bubble washing machine.

The Child Lock feature ensures that curious hands will not enter the washing machine tub. This safety feature prevents children from operating the washing machine controls and alerts you when it is activated.

Do not allow children (or pets) to play on or in the washing machine. The door of the washing machine does not open easily from the inside, and children can be seriously injured if they are locked inside!

The laundry room, detergents and security

Do you have young children in your family? If you do, you know you spend a lot of time in the laundry room doing laundry. Help keep those curious little ones safe so they don’t try to open or play in the laundry room and end up injured or intoxicated.

Laundry products

Parents should pay close attention to how laundry products are stored, before, during and after use.

Keep laundry products in their original packaging or containers and with their information label intact. Consider storing them in a high, locked drawer or shelf.

Read carefully and follow the instructions on the product label. Look for the information on the safety measures located on the label and find out what to do in case of an accident.

Never mix laundry detergent with ammonia or other household cleaners because sometimes mixing these chemicals can create dangerous fumes or vapours.

If the product container or container is empty, dispose of it properly. Wipe up any streaks or spills and wash your hands immediately as well as any parts used to measure or pour products.

Lock the laundry room when you are done using it to prevent curious little ones from entering. And pay special attention to spray bottles. These are commonly an easy source of exposure to cleaning products and should be kept out of the reach of children.

Detergent in capsules or sachets for laundry – Warning for parents

Single-use capsule detergent is very concentrated and can be toxic. Even a small amount of detergent can cause severe breathing problems, an upset stomach or eye irritation, and even a vegetative state (coma) and death. 

The majority of these exposures (91.7%) involved children under 6 years of age, and some of these caused serious health problems, including the death of 2 children and 6 adults.

Voluntary safety measures were implemented, but these have not been able to reduce exposures satisfactorily.

Do not remove the capsules from their original container until you are ready to put them in the washing machine. Children can find them by leaving them in the laundry basket or on top of the washer or dryer or a shelf before using them. Young children are very fast and can sometimes reach objects higher than you think. 

Washing machines and drying machines

Avoid accidents and injuries from washing and drying machines by observing the following:

  • Use child-resistant locks for front-loading washers and dryers to prevent small children from opening doors when they are running and to prevent children from entering the machines.
  • Do not lean on the doors of the washers and dryers and do not let your children play or hang on them, as this can cause them to tip over.
  • The dryer must have external ventilation to prevent mould and moisture build-up.

Laundry ducts

Young children may be drawn to explore these “mystery openings” that we call laundry ducts. Although they can be very convenient for adults, they present a great danger to young children. Consider installing a childproof lock to prevent children from opening the laundry chute. Tell your child this is a dangerous and inaccessible place. Neither toys nor people should enter the laundry chute.

Additional protection measures

The parents must remove from the house any factor, object or style of arrangement that proves to be dangerous for the baby before the little one arrives home. After the arrival of the newborn, parents must continue to take care of their home and to ensure at all times that the home is an environment conducive to the development of their child.

In the kitchen

Avoid storing detergents and other household cleaning items under the sink; instead, keep them in a higher closet, where the baby and older children do not have access. 

Also, do not leave traps for insects or unwanted rodents near the baby. Use oven and microwave door locks and cook on the farthest mesh of the stove, not on the edges, whenever the child is in the kitchen. 

When cooking in the oven, turn the panhandles inwards, not outwards. Fridge magnets are often considered harmless, but in reality, they are dangerous items for the baby because they come off the refrigerator easily, can hit him or the baby could swallow them.

Keep the child away from cups with hot drinks – coffee, tea – and replace the tablecloth with special table mats. Protected from the baby’s eyes will also be sharp objects (knives, scissors) and other appliances such as mixers, blenders, toasters, etc. Place them in a padlocked/locked drawer/cupboard.

Do not mix baby’s crockery with that used by adults, but find their place; when the child reaches the age of one year, move the dishes to a closet downstairs, where they can reach and where to choose their plastic cup, spoon, bottle to eat.

Also, assign a special shelf for baby food. In the first days after birth and the next period, the mother will want the food preparation for herself and the rest of the family to take up as little time as possible. Make sure you have plenty of healthy food and cold snacks in your kitchen, such as cereal bars, yoghurt, or nuts. 

In the bathroom

Install a toilet bowl latch. Do not leave cleaning products, cosmetics, medicines, vitamins within reach of the baby, but store them in a high, locked cupboard. Never leave your baby alone in the bathroom, especially when there is water in the bathtub, sink or bucket. If the newborn is not your first child, do not delegate one of the older children to supervise him. 

Children rarely notice the severity of the situation and do not have the same speed of reaction and self-control as adults to manage an emergency. Eliminate any possibility of locking the bathroom door. Last but not least, check that the water and ambient temperature (and other rooms in the house) always have acceptable values ​​(for example, for a newborn’s bathroom, the water must have a temperature of 36-37 degrees Celsius).

Prepare all the necessary items before the baby’s bath and place them at hand to avoid returning home after one object or another and leaving your baby alone in the bathroom. 

Do not put the baby in the tub without checking the water temperature. For greater safety, it is recommended to use a special thermometer to check the water temperature and the obvious marking of the cold and hot water taps; it is also advisable to use a battery system that cannot be easily operated by children under five. Always put the lid on buckets, trash cans, etc. 

In the rest of the house

It is a good idea to install gas detectors in the house and set a maximum temperature of 50 degrees Celsius on the hot water thermostat. If you want a fireplace, opt for the glass screen version because they are much safer than the other models.

Precautions must be implemented in the case of the pool, balconies if you have them. Install a fence around the pool and protective grilles at least 1 meter high in the balconies (one-piece grilles and not provided with horizontal or vertical bars, on which the child can climb or slip through); this will prevent the baby from falling over the railing. 

It is best not to allow the little one access to the balcony and to close the platform door while the baby is in the room, regardless of whether the little one is being watched. Even with these features, do not leave the baby unattended in hazardous areas. 

Also, protect the windows of the house by installing latches that prevent the windows from opening more than ten centimetres. The nets are not as safe as a parent would like. Remove any objects from the windows so that the baby does not feel the urge to climb them and when they climb, they can get injured or fall out the window.


FAQ on How to take child lock off Samsung eco bubble washing machine

How do I turn off the child lock on my Samsung washing machine?

To turn off the child lock on your Samsung washing machine simply push and hold the Spin/Rinse and Temp/Soil Level buttons for 3 seconds (temporary) or 6 seconds (turning it off completely).

How do I unlock my Samsung washing machine?

To unlock your Samsung washing machine simply press the Start/Pause button to unlock the door, wait for a few seconds and the door will be unlocked. If you want to start the washing machine again, press the start/pause button once more.

How do I reset my Samsung automatic washing machine?

To reset your Samsung washing machine simply disconnect it from the socket for 5 to 10 minutes. 

What are the best childproof locks?

The best childproof locks are the ones that will be easy to install, discreet and secure. For this, we recommend the following: Secure Home Baby Safety Locks; Jambini Magnetic Cabinet Locks; The Good Stuff Child Safety Cabinet Latches; Hurrise Magnetic Cabinet Lock; Eco-Baby Child Safety Magnetic Locks.