Do Walnuts Go Bad? (3 ways to test)

In this brief article, we are going to answer the question Do Walnut Go Bad and How to Protect them.

Do Walnuts Go Bad?

Yes, it is obvious that every food whether in dry form or in fresh form has gone bad under some conditions. Walnut is a mineral-rich nut and very essential for the body but its specific amount can be good for every person according to Recommended Dietary Allowance.

So everyday individuals have to absorb some nuts. If we have a pack of nuts how can we store it? Here we will discuss Can Walnut go Bad? How can we store them?

Walnut has two outer covers one is of green color and the other is a hard shell of brown color. Farmers used to remove the green covering from walnuts and sell them on the market. Walnuts can go bad on a Walnut tree if they were not taken off after their maturation.

Walnut is hard from the outside which is the second layer of walnut. Walnut has oil in it so it can go bad after approximately 1 year. Due to Rancidity Walnut goes bad. When we place walnuts at a hot temperature more likely the chance is bad.

How to Store Walnut:

If we make some strategies to store things we can mitigate the risk of loss. So, place the walnut in a cool and dry place.

Make the pack of walnut without its outer covering with air tightening to prevent the loss of walnut.

Also, use some pesticides killers if you are storing them openly. Small insects surge in the loss of walnuts.

Always protect it from moisture which causes staleness in nuts and loss of crispness and taste. Place them in an air-thigh container or air-tight pack.

Shell nuts also have gone bad and the reason is temperature and growth of fungi. If you place walnuts at temperatures favorable for fungus growth, then fungi grow inside the walnut.

So place it in a damn cool place with less temperature.

How to increase their life?

If we put unshelled walnut in an air tight pack and place it in the fridge it will prolong its life up to 12 months. Always take care of its taste and consume it before the expiry date.

Walnuts undergo oxidation of fat; it’s necessary to place them in containers with tight air. Avoid rancidity.

How to determine the condition of Walnut:

By smelling:

Healthy walnuts smell pretty good and feel sweet to taste buds if they are stored in a cool place.

When rancidity attacks it seems to smell like paint and some times of old plastic. By the odor, you make a decision whether to eat or through the nut.

By taste:

From the taste of mature and good walnut, you might be aware but by taste little pieces you recognize its level of staleness and freshness. Bad Walnut tastes bitter and makes it difficult for you to swallow.

By appearance:

Bad walnuts appear black and sometimes give a burned look. Giving a look you can easily tell if it is bad or good.

King of Dry Fruits:

People are unknown by the Nutritional aspects of walnuts. Its regular intake reduces or prevents diseases like cardiovascular problems and diabetes. People develop myths according to walnuts. Low consumption of nuts led to many deficiencies of minerals, oil, etc. It also boasts the function of the brain and provides essentials oil for proper brain functioning.

How to Test Walnut:

If a nutshell collapses easily and you feel it hollow from inside it might be a bad one and have nothing in it except some burnt walnut.

If you see a black hole-like appearance outside the nut it might be the case of mold or fungi growing in it.

When degradation starts in walnut it forms an odor not much good so avoid walnut which smells unpleasant.

Taste bitter when consumed also refers to bad walnut.

Importance of Walnut for Health:

It has the capability to change gene expression and reverse diseases. It helps in lowering bad cholesterol and promotes good cholesterol.

The essential oil in it prevents the erratic rhythm of the heartbeat.

Relax the blood vessel and promote the smooth flow of blood.

 Eating nuts to be Healthy:

Modern studies tell us to optimally use nuts and develop their habit of taking them as a snack. It is the best snack ever found on the planet. Use according to your body needs and always remember excess to every thing is bad. It can heat up the body if a limit of consumption takes place.


In this brief article, we have answered the question Do Walnut Go Bad and How to Protect them.