16 Best books for 2 years old in the UK

In this article we will look into the wonderful world of books best for your two year olds. We will discover how stories are a great way to bond with your kids. 

Best books for 2 year olds in the UK:

Here are the best interactive and educational books with fun flaps and noisy books.These are the ultimate list of books for two-year-olds for all occasions, for bedtime or play time.

  • Little World: Jungle Journey (2019)

The Little World series will take the young minds to a world of faraway places. They will see many adventures and travel to the moon and back, and underneath the seas.  The kids will have fun familiarizing with places like the airport, and the beach.

Jungle Journey will take the little ones to the exciting world of an expedition into the tropical rainforest, where secrets are to be unearthed around the jungle. It comes with novelty slides, little flaps and push and pull tabs.

  • Peppa Pig: Peppa Loves Our Planet (2020)

A great book from the Peppa Pig series where she goes green this time. Peppa and George are celebrating “It’s Love Our Planet Week” at a playgroup so they get to do some recycling, and grow their own vegetables. Peppa and George get to enjoy the scooter instead of the car and turn off the water while they brush their teeth.

This Peppa Pig: Peppa Loves Our Planet book is also made of environmentally friendly vegetable inks and water-based finish on the cover. Peppa and George learn that small things make a big difference to our planet. For sure your kids will love this too.

  • Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae and Guy Parker- Rees

This story is about Gerald the tall giraffe, who loves to dance and would really like to join the other animals at the Jungle Dance. But everyone knows that giraffes can’t dance, or so they thought.  This book is a funny and touching story about a giraffe who finds his own true self and expresses it on his own tune and grace. 

A classic story for over 15 years, this book is a sure hit to your kids at bedtime. FInding confidence and their true self book and filled with lovely illustrations and joyful spirit.

  • Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney

This beautiful book is about Little Nutbrown Hare and Big Nutbrown Hare as they explore the different units of measurement to express how much they love each other. This comes with sweet illustrations. This is a great way to help your little one understand how much they are loved. You can never finish this book with dry eyes, and we’re sure your little darling too.

  • Busy Day: Vet by Dan Green (2020)

The Busy Day series is so much fun for little kids to play with. This interactive book comes with flaps that allows young children to do their own action. It helps them develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. 

In the book Busy Day: Vet, animal lovers get to listen to a dog’s heart, x-ray a cat’s leg or give some animals their medicine. It creates compassion to the little ones for the sick animals. The series also carries other professions, if your little one is into building they have Busy Day: Builder or Chef and Astronaut.

A great book for your aspiring kids to dream of what they want to become in the future.

  • Peppa Pig: Peppa Loves Doctors and Nurses (2020)

Peppa and her friends get to enjoy being doctors and nurses for a day. Dr Brown Bear and Nurse Fox came to visit Peppa and friends in their playgroup for People Who Help Us Day. Peppa and friends get to learn how to keep fit and exercise well. Eating healthy and protecting themselves from getting sick by washing their hands often. 

Peppa and friends played doctor and nurses and got to bandage Dr Brown Bear. Lots of fun and giggles for your little ones.

  • Where Are You, Blue Kangaroo? By Emma Chichester Clark

This story is about Lily and her Blue Kangaroo. She often loses him and most often Blue Kangaroo wonders if he’ll ever see her again. Good thing, Lily always seems to find him in odd ways, but what if one day she loses him totally?

This book is a heartwarming story featuring Lily and her beloved toy. This also lets your children talk and deal about their different emotions.

  • Monkey and Me by Emily Gravett

This interactive book lets your little ones play pretend whatever animals they want to be before revealing their identity. This story is about a little girl and her toy monkey swinging through pages of a beautifully illustrated book.

Monkey and Me is always a hit with kids. This is a brilliant book most loved by kids. A simple and exciting book for them to explore.

  • Five Minutes’ Peace by Jill Murphy

This is a beautiful family story about an elephant, Mrs Large, who just needs five precious minutes of peace and quiet apart from her lively and noisy children. So she goes to the bathroom and fills up a hot and foamy bubble bath for herself, hoping for some uninterrupted time. But life is never dull with the Large’s, and so we can predict the interruptions that will come.

Family life is beautifully captured in this book full of warm and funny illustrations that the kids will surely enjoy.

  • A Bit Lost by Chris Haughton

This story deals with separation of Little Owl when he has fallen from his nest. With the help of his new good friend Squirrel, Little Owl sets off to a new adventure in search of mummy Owl. On his journey, he meets many interesting sequences of other animals and learns their many stories and adventures. 

This is a reassuring story of dealing with separation anxiety with your toddler. And a great bonding and heartwarming experience to share with the children.

  • I Want My Potty by Tony Ross

This is an amusing story about the Little Princess’ royal potty training. “Nappies are YUUECH!”, said the Little Princess while looking for something better. But she thinks the royal potty is even worse, until she gets used to it and learns to love it. This is a funny account of how potty training can be enjoyable and hilarious even for royalties. 

I Want My Potty is a sure hit to toddlers going into potty training soon. 

  • Peppa Pig: Good night Peppa (2015)

This great bedtime story for Peppa and George’s fans. It’s nearly bedtime for Peppa and George but they try everything to evade sleeping. Oh what a riot, these favorite piggies do whatever to get out of the bed. They play in the garden, take a big soapy bath, brush their teeth, and listen to Daddy Pig tell a story.

A fun story time before the kids nod off to sleep.

  • In the Night Garden: Sleep Tight, Upsy Daisy (2017)

This story is about Upsy Daisy dancing in the garden and does not want to go to bed. This picture book is perfect for winding down your two-year-olds after a long day. This is a great calming down story for kids during bedtime or naptime.

  • Hey Duggee: Duggee and the Magical Unicorn (2020)

This story is about a unicorn with a sparkling pink horn and its magical adventure. This book is very enticing for kids with its colorful pages and shiny holofoil cover makes it a perfect gift as well to the kiddie fans out there.

  • Peppa Pig: Peppa Pig Goes Dancing

This is part of the many series of Peppa Pig’s books, wherein Peppa and her friends are eager to join Mr. Potato’s Super Fantastic Dance Competition to show off their dance moves.

It includes the whole gang, who amongst Suzy the Sheep, Mandy Mouse, Rebecca Rabbit and Peppa will win the prize for their dance moves?

Wil Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig join the fun too? Find out in this book and try out your dancing moves with your tot in tow.

  • Peepo! By Janet and Allen Ahlberg

Peepo is a classic book that has been around for ages. It has become a big hit for babies and toddlers. It tells about the adventures of a baby through the day, exploring his little world. It includes a series of peeping in holes through the next page that excites childrens of what is next to come. 

What is amusing in this story book is the rhymes of the storytelling that is like music to the ears of the little ones. A great interactive book to keep your toddler entertained.


We have listed down the best books to buy for your two year old child in the UK. The list comprises the most recommended by mums and children alike. Some are classic books that will sure be an heirloom from generations, and some are new stories that will keep you and the kids entertained for long.

FAQ on “16 Best books for two-year-olds in the UK”:

What are the best books for two year olds in the UK?

The best books for two year olds in the UK includes, Giraffes can’t dance, Guess how much i love you, Where are you, Blue Kangaroo, Peppa Pig series, I want my potty, In the Night Garden, Peepo, Little World, and many more.

How long should you read to a two year old?

An average of five to six minutes of quiet reading is ideal for downtime. Some children listen best when lying down ready to sleep, and some fall asleep while listening to the stories. It became a lullaby to read stories to them.

How good is a 2 year old memory?

Children of 2 years old can retain memories as early as a year ago, but does not bring it to adulthood. No one remembers the second birthday party. The average earliest memory recorded is 3 ½ years of age.

Can you teach a 2 year old to read?

Two year old children can certainly learn to read under the patient care and teaching of the parents, or a teacher using simple methods.

What activities are good for a two year old?

Some of the activities good for a two year old are play dress up, hide toys, imagine a boat, play simon says, a stop and go game, make a mailbox, and many more. You can also start teaching how to draw or color books, count numbers and identify colors.

Offer creative toys so their imagination will work better even at their young age. And let them play outside. Nothing beats physical play that stimulates whole body development, social and emotional skills of the child.