Best electric breast pump (A comprehensive list)

In this article, we will discuss the many kinds of electric breast pumps in the market and see which one is the best. We’ll also look at their functions and compare it with other brands.  We hope the comprehensive list will help out nursing moms choose which one is best for them.

Best electric breast pump

The best electric breast pump in the market is the Medela Pump In Style Advanced (PISA), hailed winner of 2020 What to Expect Award.  Voted by most nursing moms as the most reasonably priced electric breast pump. It mimics the gentle sucking sound of the baby and efficiently removes milk from the breast.

Finding the best breast pump, as discussed in the previous article, is like finding a great breast friend. One best pump for a nursing mom may not really be best for another one. The primary thing to consider when buying a pump is how frequent you will use it. Will it be for daily or multiple use daily? 

If it’s for a daily, and multiple times a day pumping session, then the best breast pump you’ll want is a double electric breast pump. This kind of pump serves both breasts which will save you plenty of time.  If you’re planning on pumping not too often, a few times during the day or several times a week only, the best option for you is the single-electric breast pump. 

Whether you’ll buy a single or double, it is advisable to use an electric breast pump that does the pumping very efficiently and comfortably. So to find out which electric breast pump is best to buy, we’ll put a range of different models and brands out there in the market for you to choose.

We will also look and compare these electric breast pumps in terms of suction strength, noise level, and ease of cleaning the pump and parts. 

Here are the best double and single electric breast pumps that most mom’s recommend:

Medela Sonata Smart Double Electric Breast Pump

This pump is best for mom’s looking for a quiet and efficient pump that’s easy to use and can be connected to an app for tracking of outputs.  The MyMedela app via bluetooth can track the milk outputs from the pump, though pairing might be a little tricky and takes a little trial and error on your part.

It is very discreet to use, has simple controls and the suctions adjust easily to your body and the environment. The Medela Sonata is a sturdy double electric breast pump with 2-phase expression technology, and various rhythms designed to mimic the fast beginning sucking motion and the slower expression part of breastfeeding.

The Medela Sonata is an innovative smart pump that is very convenient to use and comfortably quiet.  Many women testifies that their supply has greatly increased and they can pump a lot more with this kind of breast pump. This costs around $400 USD.

Philips Avent Comfort Double Electric Breast Pump SCF334

This electric breast pump is best for moms who pump frequently. This is easy to use, comfortable and lightweight. This pump has to be connected to a power source to be used. Another consideration for this kind of pump is its noise level which can be a little noisy when being used. 

While moms who’ve tried this love the fact that you don’t need to lean forward when pumping while using this. You can actually sit comfortably upright, that’s where it probably got the name, for comfort. 

The breast pump’s flange, or the funnel-shaped part that goes directly into the nipple, has a built-in massage cushion. Now that’s really a great comfort. There are 3 pump settings to keep things pumping along. 

Though it is not that easy to clean as it comes with many parts, it’s comfortability sets it apart and very effective at getting a good amount of milk. It can work as hands-free pumping which requires you to buy a separately sold pumping bustier. The Philips Avent Comfort Double Electric costs around $200 USD.

Lansinoh Signature Pro Double Electric Breast Pump

This is a great pump for moms looking for budget-friendly hospital grade pumps. This Lansinoh is lightweight, portable and has a backlight LCD screen that works well with night time pumping sessions.

This pump runs on a power source or batteries. The 3-pumping styles and adjustable suction strength helps with the letdown. The pump uses a closed system which prevents milk from entering the tubing which makes it very hygienic. 

Some considerations for this kind of pump is the occasional leaking around the nipple shield. Its hands-free function requires buying a separate pumping bustier as well.  This pump costs around $113 USD.

Medela Freestyle Double Electric Breast Pump

This Medela Freestyle Double Electric is best for moms who pump regularly and wants the flexibility of a battery-operated breast pump. It has a hands-free option for the always-on-the-go moms. 

The Medela Freestyle is extremely light and fits nicely in a purse or diaper bag. It has an adjustable suction strength, a backlight digital display and a memory function to save your preferred suction patterns for expressions. 

It is also compatible with most nursing bras. The only consideration for this pump is that its motor is not as strong compared to the hospital grades. It needs to be fully charged for the suction to be felt strongly. If the battery is low, the suction decreases significantly too. 

The Freestyle pump is not known for its discreet sound too.  The Medela Freestyle Double Electric costs around $380 USD.

Medela Symphony Double Electric Breast Pump

This kind of pump is hospital grade and can be very expensive. If it’s too pricey, consider renting it out to try if it will work well with you. This can initiate breast milk supply because of its powerful suctions your breasts need.

The Medela Symphony is the choice of many hospitals. This pump has a great suction that actually mimics the baby’s feeding pattern. It is such a well-sealed closed system pump that hospital provide for use of multiple mothers using the same machine. 

This is also a quieter pump, and known for its durability. On the down side, this pump can be heavy for use to travel with and mostly used for hospitals only.

Spectra S1/S2 Plus Electric Breast Pump

This lightweight and portable carrying pump is a good option for single or double pumping moms . It has a strong adjustable vacuum pump that many insurances are happy to cover. The S1 version has the power cord and battery options, which can be very convenient for the on the go moms. 

The Spectra has a timer and a night light which makes night pumping sessions conveniently illuminated. It is extremely quiet too and great for when the baby is asleep. 

The S1 is the pricier version, and comes with a battery power case if you don’t want to use the power cord.  The S2 model is the least expensive one compared to the S1 version, but  both are sturdy and durable pumps. Both products can last for months or even a year, depending on how your usage is. Spectra S1 and S2 can be used as single or double electric for the pumping session.

Elvie Pump Double Silent Wearable Breast Pump

The Elvie Pump is a bag free wearable kind of pump that you can discreetly pump without anyone noticing. The pump is connected directly to a bottle, which eliminates the need to transfer the milk bag to the bottles. This makes it easier to clean than other wearable pumps.

This pump is also very easy to use, just pop it on under your clothes and go on your daily tasks. The Elvie pump is so silent, one of the quietest pumps in the market that nobody will even notice your business underneath.

It also comes with an app to track the pumping outputs, fits in most nursing bras, and cordless which makes this totally convenient.  The only consideration for this pump is it can be quite big for a petite mom and it tends to be bulky.  Price is around $500 USD.

Philips Avent SIngle Electric Breast Pump

The advantage of the single breast pump is that you can actually do breastfeeding and pumping at the same time. Talk about multitasking at its finest, only nursing moms can do. Another is this pump is way cheaper than the double electric version that moms can actually save on that cash.

Philips Avent pump has also been designed to eliminate lower back strain for pumping moms. Most of the pumps will require you to position leaning towards the bottle so gravity can assist you. But with this pump, there is absolutely no need for that. You can sit upright and happily pump your heart, or milk for that matter, out.

This breast pump, like any other electric pumps, lets you start with the stimulation phase to let the milk out, then the expression phase, where you can choose with low, medium or high.  Price is around $150 USD.


We have looked into various brands of electric breast pump to see which one would work best for you. The electric pumps can be your partner in your breastfeeding and breast pumping sessions.  You just need to choose which one will be your breast friend.

FAQ’ s on “Best electric breast pump”):

What is the best electric breast pump?

As of now, the best electric breast pump is the Medela Pump in style, voted 2020 What to expect award.

How to clean the electric breast pump?

Just like any pump, the electric breast pump should be sanitized and clean before using. Some parts can be sterilized which is effective in ensuring the pump is cleaned and hygienic.

 Which is better, Spectra or Medela?

Spectra being relatively new in the market is designed to compete with Medela, and it certainly played well. The Medela Pump in Style Advanced and Spectra S2 are the most competitive types of both brands. Many mothers recommend Spectra due to its quietness and closed system configuration.

Which is better, Spectra S1 or S2?

The only difference of Spectra S1 is it has a rechargeable battery which makes it more portable than the S2. Spectra S2 has to be connected to a power source to be used. For moms-on-the-go, they recommend Spectra S1 only for this feature. Both functions are almost the same.

How much does a breast pump cost?

Manual breast pumps are cheaper and it  ranges from $20 – $60 USD depending on the brand. While single battery operated or electric pumps cost between $40 – $185. While double electric, either rechargeable or not, ranges from $60 to $3500 USD also depending on the brand and type. 

Other options for additional accessories are wearable pumps, nursing bras, cooler bags, ice packs, or extra battery packs for the traveling pumping moms.