The 7 Best Bed Sheets in the UK (A complete guide)

In this article we will discuss the best bed sheets in the UK that make all the difference in a good night’s sleep.  The best bed sheets should not only look great but feel great under your skin.

Best Bed Sheets in UK

  • Best Overall bed sheet in the UK right now is the H&M Washed Linen Fitted Sheet. 

They have fabulous designs to choose from suitable for that much needed upgrade of your bedroom. They are well priced too so you don’t need to break the bank to buy that.

The Washed Linen collection shows reviews that it looks and feels luxurious even with street price, which is almost a steal for its quality. The texture is gently unruffled instead of unironed and ultra soft against the skin as you get into bed. 

The Washed Linen collection is available in sets or sold separately as separate sheets, pillowcases, and duvet. H&M Washed cotton set is also quite lovely and much affordable than the linens.  Price is at $40.

Before we look into other best selling bedsheets, let’s trim it down first to the different types of bedsheets to better familiarize ourselves with the terminologies.

  • Best Budget bed sheet is the IKEA Ullvide Fitted Sheet

This is the safest bet you’ll have for the quality and affordability of the kind. The Ulivide Double Fitted sheet is made of Lyocell and cotton which makes it more comfortable and keeps the moisture out of the body keeping you less sticky at night.

The Ullvide sheet slides are very elastic, and help to stay put in the bed. The sheet is easy and quick to wash.

  • Best Luxury bed sheet is The White Company Cavendish deep fitted sheet. 

The White Company has long been the go-for high quality sheets and the best there is in the market. This 800-thread count cotton sheet from the Cavendish  range is totally luxurious and a big splurge but totally worth every penny.

The sheets are handwoven in Portugal by master craftsmen using 100% pure Egyptian cotton and woven into 800 thread count  sateen which feels as smooth as silk but on a different level.

  • Best Linen Bedsheet is the Soak and Sleep 100% Pure French Linen Fitted sheet. 

These French linens are luxuriously textured and expensive. These pure french linen sheets are made in Normandy using 100% flax. 

Though this is very pricey, it is also a great investment and will last longer than the cotton sheets.  Its slubby texture gives the sheet the rustic feel and slightly rumpled look and will keep you cool in the summer heat.

  • Best Egyptian Cotton bed sheet is the King of Cotton Egyptian Cotton Fitted sheet.

King of Cotton is the most trusted brand in terms of egyptian cotton sheets. This 400 thread count cotton percale sheets is one the best sellers of this kind. The fitted sheet has that crisp cool cotton feel and is available in two depths. This is handy if you have a thicker mattress.

However, this is tricky to wash as King of Cotton recommends to wash it no higher than 40, and wash together with other cottons and iron while still damp.  This way you’ll get the precise luxurious feel of the hotel sheets that we so loved.

  • Best brushed cotton sheet is the John Lewis & Partners Warm and Cosy Brushed Cotton Fitted sheet.

This kind of sheet is best for winter and for those who need more warmth in bed. The lovely loosely spun, closely woven brushed cotton has the soft feel that feels amazing during cold winter nights. It is never even too cold to  touch.

  • Best hypoallergenic bed sheet is the Panda 100% Bamboo Fitted Sheet.

This Panda fitted sheet is best for those who suffer from allergies. The bamboo bed sheet is known for its hypoallergenic quality and natural antibacterial for those who have eczema, sensitive skin, or those who suffer from hay fever caused by dust mites. 

The Panda sheet is made of 100% organic bamboo which is breathable and will keep you warm at winter nights, and cool in summer times. It is very smooth and its 300 thread count feels more like 1000 thread count due to its quality alone. 

Different type of bed sheets:

There are many different types of bed sheets and materials being used. The first type used is the linen made from the fibers of flax. This type is highly absorbent. The Europeans were the first ones to bring the linen to the New World and it soon became popular in many other countries. 

  • Cotton 

Cotton sheets are extremely popular in the market because it is the most common material for the bed sheet. It is also the easiest to wash, and gets softer over time. The cotton is very durable and forgiving, as stains can be washed out easily as well.

  • Flannel

Flannel type of bed sheet is best for those cold nights. It does a great job at trapping body heat so it’s warmer when used. Flannel is also made of cotton but has been shredded to be softer. The yarns are shaved so it’s opened and the fiber is out.

  • Lyocell

This type is made from wood cellulose and is also becoming popular as a bed sheet. They are sustainable, durable and hygienic as it moves water droplets away from the body. It also has a cooling factor and is comfortable to use.

  • Silk

Silk sheets are often associated with luxury and perceived as the most expensive one. These sheets are cool to touch and very rich in texture. The silk sheets are also hypoallergenic and a good option for people who have allergies throughout the year. 

Silk sheets are made by silkworms and can be really quite expensive to buy. However, there are people who don’t like it as it tends to be slippery to sleep on.

  • Polyester

This type of bed sheet is the most budget friendly. Polyester is usually combined with another type like cotton, as polyester itself is rough to feel and scratchy. But combined with cotton, it can make a good bed sheet.

  • Microfiber

Microfiber is a polyester that has been woven very finely. It is much softer than polyester which makes it more comfortable to sleep on. These are durable sheets as it seldom stains. Best if you have kids who make a lot of mess in the bed. Microfiber is also less breathable than cotton which makes it a good choice for those cold nights.

  • Bamboo

Bamboo sheets are one of the best sheet choices in the market and have seen a big shift to this type through the recent years. They are also very durable, anti-bacterial, silky soft and the most breathable of all kinds. It has the best qualities of cotton and silk without the hefty price of the silk sheets.

The Two categories of Bed Sheets

There are two categories of bed sheets which are most common in the market right now.  One is the flat sheet, or the one that goes on top of the fitted sheets and under the blanket. The flat sheet comes in many sizes and shapes. They are a great way to ensure that sweat does not mix with the blanket.

Second category is the fitted sheet which is the one that goes over the mattress. It has four deep pockets in the corners so it’s securely in place on top. It is crucial to buy the right size of the fitted sheet to achieve a good night sleep.

Pocket depth is also important as deep pockets are for those who have an extra thick mattress. If the mattress is larger than 14 inches, it is necessary to buy a deep pocket.

While standard pockets are perfect for most mattresses. However, for those individuals who move a lot in their sleep, it is best to have a deep pocket to ensure that sheets stay in place throughout the night.

Thread count

For the thread count, the higher the thread count means better quality and the softer the bedsheet. Anything lower than 300 thread count is not worth buying as this can be of low quality already. However, even if the thread count is higher, the quality of the sheets will also depend on the material used.

Bamboo and cotton will always be better than linen. No matter if the thread count is higher, if the quality of the sheets is of low quality, thread count will not help with the comfort one gets from the bedsheet.

The best bed sheet to use is the one which has the higher thread count. The thread count of 1000 to 1200 gives it a luxurious feel. Anything over 1200 is not worth buying anymore.


In this article we’ve seen various kinds of bed sheets according to its material, durability, and texture. It ranges from the scratchy polyester to the luxurious silk sheets. To the all natural, organic bamboo sheets, the choices are endless. It all depends on how good a night sleep you want on how you splurge on your bed sheets to sleep on.

Most people invest in the good quality best bed sheets there are in the UK and everywhere else as sleep is the most important activity of the day. A good night sleep will determine how your whole day will be. 

FAQ’s on “The 7 Best Bed sheets in the UK”:

What bed sheets do 5 star hotels use?

The bed sheet that 5 star hotels use are those silky yet crispy sheets that you slide into at luxury hotels are Egyptian cotton 300 thread count. They are the most breathable and help you stay cool. 

What is the best quality bedding?

100% cotton sheets are still the best quality bedding there is. It is the most popular option as it feels natural and soft. For some, the bamboo bed sheet is a good alternative especially for its hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial content. It is becoming a popular alternative to cotton. 

How often should you wash your sheets?

Sheets are washed at least once a week. If you don’t sleep on your mattress, then every two weeks will do.  Make sure that sheets are washed according to the care instructions attached to it to avoid compromising its quality.

What are the softest bed sheets?

The softest bed sheet is the Boll & Banch Signature Hemmed Sheets.

What is a good quality thread count for sheets?

A good quality thread count can be between 200-300. A 400-500 thread count is optimal. Over 500 is not really necessary anymore.


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